Saturday, September 14, 2013

Prepper Fatigue

Many Preppers go through "Prepper Fatigue" at some point.   What is it? Well similar to battle fatigue it is  characterized by anxiety, depression, and loss of motivation, caused by the ongoing stress of active prepping. 

We all go through cycles in our prepping. Once you've been a prepper long enough, you will experience it.  At first you may feel guilty for wanting to back off from prepping in order to catch your breath, however it is actually wise to step back and assess where you are with your preps and take a deep breath. Take an inventory.  What new skills have you learned?  What do your durable preps look like? How many days/weeks/months of food storage do you have? is it lopsided (lots of a single item?)  Just slow down - take a deep breath, relish what you've learned and stored and take a moment for a really deep EXHALE.   Breathe in deep and exhale again. Look at how far along you are everything you've learned, how much more prepared you are now than you were before you started.

Wanna know a secret? Even I have had a 'bout of Prepper Fatigue.  (BTW So has my husband and I consider him the super duper prepper.)  It's normal.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded to live and enjoy today.  Be here, now. Yes something is on the horizon, but when whatever it is happens, we're in it together and we have a leg up on the sheeple...

If you feel like you've hit the wall emotionally, remember to live and laugh and have some fun.  Some of us are wound a little too tight on getting it all together and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Here's the real secret, it's okay to be happy and enjoy today.  You can be a happy prepper because in reality prepping isn't something we do, it's a way of living. 

Take a deep breath, EXHALE
Enjoy a beautiful day
Go for a walk
Smile at your kids

oh yeah and rotate your food storage!  


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