Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Whew, the hottest of weather is behind us ~ and while the OFFICIAL first day of WINTER isn't until December 22 this year, we all know the temperature will fall long before then.  We'll need FALL to get ready for winter, just like all God's creatures great and small. This is end of harvests, start of fall crops and just around the corner is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

I've spent September going through the topics of what should be in your Family Survival Notebook.  Each post from September can be added with a tab.  Add in all your own research along with your lists for your family.  Be sure to document:
  • What you currently have already
  • What you feel the need to add to your preps for each topic
  • Your family plan for how to fill in those needs.
You'll find that if you use the topics from September as a guideline it will help you think.  This isn't about who has the most or best it's about being prepared in case the whole world goes sideways.... whatever that means for you and your family. Think of it as a guide to your family's  "Strategic Supplies"

Op Sec Reminder:
Never confirm nor deny what your Strategic Supplies may or may not be lacking.


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