Saturday, March 8, 2014

New favorite thing

You know we all really enjoy our five gallon buckets for storage.  Come on, we use them for absolutely everything ~ in our gardens as self watering containers, to carry stuff, store bulk items, endless uses for a good five gallon bucket right? Right. So I feel like I'm stepping out on my buckets - I have a new favorite storage container.

The 18 gallon Rubbermaid Rough Neck Storage Tub.  I bought a couple to store ... strategic preps and found they really are neat.  I liked them so much I ended up with 24 of them!  They stack better than other totes, and frankly make good sense because you can't see through them.  Now it's real easy to pack them too heavy, so I'm not suggesting anyone put can goods in them but for anything that is bulky and light weight or won't fit in a bucket try these totes.  Cardboard is a food source for bugs - so please get rid of your brown cardboard boxes.

Pic: Rubbermaid 18-Gallon Roughneck Storage Box

Don't advertise to the whole world what you have (or don't have) in supply. A good label system would be to number the totes and keep a list in your planner or prepping notebook.  Put these totes anywhere because they can take it! They work well inside or under extreme conditions.  from hot, to cold ~ Attics, basements, garages or sheds...nice neat stacks keep things looking good, away from prying eyes, and organized!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Children and a sideways world

Children, and their well being during and after a major event is important.  we have and have prepped for my wonderful children.  we have actual board games, decks and decks of cards, sidewalk chalk, crayons coloring paper etc.. you name it we stocked it.  Including their favorite foods.  Why?  Because when the whole world goes sideways the thing a child needs most is stability.  blocks, cars, crayons, games, stuff my kids play with now including board games and books, will be here after an event. My kids idea of survival items are crayons, UNO, fruit cocktail, Spaghetti O's with Meatballs and mac n cheese. We watch television and movies, we have cable and internet but that isn't the whole world to our children. Whatever soothes your kids, you should have stockpiled.

Recently I was asked why I don't have detailed info on giving birth in a sideways world.  Truth be told, its because I won't be having more children and I'm not a medical person.  I know first aid and cpr my fabulous husband is a certified Wilderness First Responder but I don't personally feel qualified to teach someone how to deliver a baby in a post collapse/sideways world. There are some wonderful sources out there to help.  One of our medical books on hand is the: Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook has detailed instructions for everything conceivable (pardon the pun)

Children however I know all about.  Key things you should be doing if you don't have children yet but anticipate having some is prepare to clothe, feed, and homeschool them.  You need to get basics together to teach reading, writing, math and such.

Consider having on hand: 
children's music on CDs
CD player
headphones, (how many sets have you killed over the years? multiple that by # of people in your preps and store)
CD Speakers
chalk and chalk board
pencils (lots of them)
pencil sharpeners
crayons, pens, water color paints ($ tree)
McGuffeys Eclectic Readers Series (found on Amazon)
Core Knowledge Series (found on Amazon)
Set of REAL encyclopedias (pre1980 look at yard sales)
dictionary ($ tree)
student dictionary ($ tree)
books - real books (not digital)

I have no affiliation with Dollar Tree - but I have to say I have gotten a TON of great kid preps there. workbooks, paints, chalk, all kinds of good stuff... to tuck away.   Also - my local one carries a nice King James Bible so we get some every now and then to add to the stock pile. Why? Because in a sideways world everyone will need hope. Those that don't know God, may want to get to know him. I'd like to help them.