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Raven Huffman said...

Hello PW,
you seem to have a lot of food and hygiene tips on your blog but i was wondering about children during the end! I was looking for tips of pregnancy, labor, and baby care after the collapse.. I would like tips on how to deliver a child, helpful hints, whatever you can think of!

thank you!

The Preppers Wife said...

I have several children. As I am not a certified midwife I dont feel confident giving advice on delivering after the world goes sideways. (I have done my duty for populating the world with extraordinary children. ) I would reccommend PatriotNurse (find her on YouTube) or another resource is The survival doctor (dot) com.

With that said, planning on children ~ also plan to educate them! Get books now! See tomorrow's post for more info.

Stay Blessed,
The Preppers Wife

Pat Anjola said...

Can commercially made ketchup be removed from their plastic containers and re-canned into glass canning jars? If so what is the process?

The Preppers Wife said...

You could, but I wouldn't. You could vac seal around original packaging with Food Saver.. if you felt it was important.

It would be better to find a ketchup recipe your family agrees on and then can your own. It would be healthier.

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