"The Medicinal Herb Grower" volume 1 by Richo Cech 
This book covers principles and practices of natural gardening techniques for growing medicinal herbs organically. Using personal experiences and stories that are at once amusing and instructive, the author covers principles such as observation in nature, windows of opportunity, creating plant habitat, benefits of diversity, rules of green thumb, soil, seeds, water, sun, trees, humans, and the forest community. The second half of the book covers background (going all the way back to the Neolithic!), growth cycles of plants, preparing the ground, the greenhouse and the shadehouse, compost, potting soils (extensive!), planting seeds (also extensive!), making cuttings, and caring for plants. There are 2 addendums. Addendum 1 covers production, processing, and curing of medicinal herb seed. Addendum 2 covers harvest and processing of medicinal herbs. The book is detailed and informative yet engaging and entertaining.
176 pages, soft cover 

Making Plant Medicine is about making herbal medicine. This is a modern medicine making book and formulary with its roots in original herbalism designed for every medicinal herb gardener to cultivate the full potential of the plant-human relationship. Richo Cech tells very good stories based on his experience as a global wanderer, herbalist and medicine maker. In the context of his lifelong love of gardening, he has procduced this long-awaited book that is original, amusing and absolutely useful.

Part 1: Medicine Making
* drying and processing herbs
* making tinctures the easy way
* the mathematics of tincturing and solubility factors
* basic formulas for fresh and dry tinctures, including dosages
* vinegar extracts, glycerites, herbal succi and syrups teas, dectoxtions, herbal oils, salves and creams poultices, compresses and soaks

Part 2: A Gardener's Formulary
This section covers well over 100 herbs that are readily cultivated in North America. The listings include: conservation status, parts used, specific formulas, practical uses, dosages, contraindications and an overview of alternate species.

Since the beginning, the garden has been a haven of good values, both physical and spiritual. The act of gardening provides a balm for every wound. May your medicine be of the garden, and may it be of benefit to all.

Work of fiction, but gives an interesting point of view ~ from a fellow who "should have known better" and how his family and community survive for 1 year after total US grid collapse.

Warning: it's a slow start, as with any good book you'll find yourself enveloped in the story.. Its a tear jerker towards the end.
Warning 2: You'll want more ammo after this

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