Thursday, November 3, 2011

Four or more close the door

Often we banter that two is one, one is none...
and recently we added.. for those newer "practically prepared" folks
 Four or more close the door. (meaning no need to advertise to the world you have extras...)

What does that mean? If you only have one of something once you use it or it breaks then you don't have it anymore.  But if I have 2 of something, and one breaks (or gets used) then I still have another as a backup right?  you can explain having 2 of something pretty easy if your neighbor or family gets involved... but what about four or more?  You have four or more of darn near anything and suddenly people raise their eyebrows.... 

I don't want my neighbor to remember I have four or more of ANYTHING.  Why?  I don't my family to become a target from someone thinking we may have a stockpile that can be raided if the whole world goes sideways... know what I mean jellybean?

With a stockpile equation of 10 folks, you bet everytime I buy it usually is four or more...easier to just shut the door! Hope this gets you thinking about keeping your supplies safe, secure and not making your loved ones a target in the event of an emergency.

Just a short PSA today  All Y'all have a good one!


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