Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Thyroid? BIG Problem.

No Thyroid in a sideways world is very dangerous. It's been five years since mine was removed, it's time to face what this means for our prepping.

Once upon a time I had a thyroid.  It went nuts, I had all kinds of problems.  After months of various issues the final straw for me was when cancer was identified.  The C word??  Okay time to see a surgeon.  I did some research but when you hear the word cancer, a part of you just stops hearing everything else.  Sure there are options but thyroid cancer is 100% survivable with removal of the thyroid.  Who can argue with that diagnosis? Three surgeries and four months later, no thyroid.  No more problems right? WRONG. Now I'm on thyroid meds forever, and at first that sounded not so bad, lots of people have to take a pill a day how bad could this be? It's a death sentence in a sideways world.

If I had known then, what I know now about not having a thyroid I would have tried to keep at least part of mine. I was afraid of cancer and all I knew was surgery would get it all.   Most people think your heart keeps you alive, and it does it pumps your blood throughout your body while your thyroid hormone regulates every system in your body.  No thyroid hormone and your body slowly dies which is why you must take a synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of your life.  Now I'm young and sometimes think I know better so I tried herbal alternatives and to be honest they do support an ailing thyroid, but if you don't have a thyroid there is nothing there to support. You must have thyroid hormone to live therefore in a sideways world you're going to need your meds. 

It boils down to this how long do you want to live if conventional means of getting meds has been cutoff.  Our youngest child is three.  If the world went sideways today I want to see my children grow up.  Where do I  get a stockpile of meds that will keep me alive?  I have to say we had a plan or two that wasn't completely solid.  I have discovered a prepper Doctor Bob and I want to share the link with you.   I am not a doctor, but I know it's time to get real and face the what ifs ~ what if I can't get my thyroid medicine?  Have you thought about it?  Now is the time.

Check out this article & website Surviving Healthy:
No More Thyroid Meds ~ Now What? DocsWife


ehaack21 said...

I've wondered the same thing. My son is a severe asthmatic and even the slightest chest cold sends him into respiratory destress. Knowing everything we've gone through with his medical needs over the last 6 years, I'm anxious to have a stockpile of prescriptions for him in addition to antibiotics etc. How do I legally obtain these? Any thoughts? What's the point of prepping if I can't keep my family healthy once the stuff hits the fan?

The Preppers Wife said...

Please use the link provided just below my siggy in the blog post, you want to explore the consulting options from Surviving Healthy (dot) com

No Thyroid Since 2000 said...

I've been living without a thyroid for 12 years now. I agree, had I known then what I know now, I would have run from doctors. 21st century medical science has proven that every individual cell NEEDS T3, not T4. T2 + T4, in the liver, = converted T3 and converted T3 can NOT, repeat, NOT cross the blood brain barrier. So, if you have no thyroid, you have no T2 to convert T4 into the T3 you need, and you have no T3 for everything from the neck up, like equilibrium, hearing, eyesight, enamel on your teeth, cognition, emotional control, memory, etc. Treating chimps who have no thyroid with Synthroid is a punishable crime, yet humans continue suffering with this "acceptable" standard of "care."

Amber Gates said...

Hi, I also have no thyroid. Only, I'm congenital. I was born without a thyroid. It's been a really hard road. I get so angry when people who have a thyroid try to make it seem like it's not a big deal. That I am "being dramatic." I also recently had a doctor who would listen to me leave the practice. I feel so lost now. No one seems to know what to do with me, or how to help me. I feel for anyone who doesn't have a thyroid. It sux in a way others will (hopefully) never understand.

The Preppers Wife said...

Some research (please do your own) suggests you can survive with dessicated rabbit thyroid in a sideways world....
I am currently exploring this as a viable option. Keep the faith..

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