Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't forget shoes!

The number one item missing from stockpiles everywhere....Shoes.

You may consider yourself to be a well stocked prepper, you have a bag in your car, a different bag at home, first aid kits, food, TP... Now I ask you this... Do you have appropriate footwear in your bag to get you home if you are in dress shoes and you have to WALK home or to the nearest gas station etc?  Now there's a foot of snow... are those shoes still the right shoes?  6 inches of water....  are they STILL the right pair of shoes?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  For adults this is an easy enough fix because our feet don't change too much.  But what about your kids Nieces, nephews, grandchildren?

Have you stockpiled basic outfits for all seasons for each child for at least 3 to 5years?  Did you include the next several sizes of shoes too? Coats/Jackets?  Gloves?  If the world goes sideways I want our children to have the basics covered.   You can do this by shopping at Good Will stores this month all kid clothing is $0.49 per item  Remember there are season "extras"  Here's a hint try and buy coats bigger so kids can wear them for 2 years at a time (example you child wears a size 3 so buy 3 coats in size 4,6,8 then you have child covered for 6 years. ) A new wardrobe for each child can be obtained for as little as $20 from Good Will this month. This basic wardrobe includes ~ a coat, 2 hoodies, windbreaker, gloves, hat, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of shorts, 7 long sleeve shirts, 7 short sleeve shirts, 6 sets of PJs (3 summer, 3 winter) keep in mind buying the coat, hoodies, and windbreaker can be worn for 2 years if you get larger size will reduce the cost of the next years "wardrobe". For each child my goal is to have 4-5 years of a basic wardrobe stockpiled. I can do this for $80 for each child   We always buy panties and socks new these will be the most expensive items to stockpile.  

Yes my kids get new clothes and new shoes for school... but I can't afford to stockpile 5 years of brand new clothes so, if the world goes sideways at least they won't be naked or barefoot! Bonus ~ no one will care where I got their jeans! 

Don't forget the shoes!


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