Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY Natural Mouse Deterrent

We wanted a natural way to deter micky from coming in before encountering our cats so
we made several peppermint repellents. We also grow 2 kinds of mint by our front door in a
planter that helps keep pesky insects away from the door with the bonus of using leaves in teas and adding a nice welcoming scent.

You don't have to grow mint to enjoy the benefits. Peppermint Oil is readily available retail.

1. items I used: cotton balls, peppermint oil (I added peppermint leaves too), empty
prescription bottles, drill and small bit

2. 2 drps oil per cottonball, 2 cottonballs per container (plus 2 leaves)

3. drill 3 holes in lid, 1 in bottom

4. label container with sharpie or a label so when you come across it in your shelf you know
what youre looking at.

I placed them under sinks, under dishwasher, behind washing machine, around supplies, in she'd. Mice are put off by the smell of peppermint and will stay away.  Refresh every 6 months our second line of defense if a mouse does gets in, our cat will eat it.


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