Friday, July 22, 2011

Assess Your First-Aid Capabilities

What do you have on hand for emergencies?
Minor Aid? Major Aid?

I have had many emails folks ask me, how have we prepared for medical needs in a sideways world...The Prepper is a Wilderness First Responder.  He is trained to respond when there are no doctors to respond. Is someone is your family, or prepper support group trained?  DO you have reference materials?

If you get in a situation above your head ~ this manual will help
Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook SE 2008
Available @ Amazon Here

Be like a Boy Scout ~ Be Prepared
Get a 1975 or earlier Boy Scout Manual at a used bookstore

Minimum Capabilities: Need to be able to perform
Preventative Can you/Have you...
      • Block Sun UV rays  (Please keep in mind sunscreens DO expire)
      • Repel (keep away) insects (lots of natural ways to do this)
      • Blister pre-treatment
      • Protect care-giver from infection while treating others (think gloves, masks)
      • Take CPR and other First-Aid courses
      • Maintain good dental hygiene practices (Get family up to date on vaccinations, eye exams, physicals, dental visits)
Immediate Response : Be able to...
      • CPR
      • Clear the airway / Start the breathing
      • Stop bleeding
      • Soothe burns
      • Treat bite and stings
      • Remove splinters, stingers, etc.
      • Remove venom
Diagnose: Be able to...
      • Patient assessment:
        • Primary (ABC – Airway, Breathing, Circulation)
        • Secondary, Head-to-Toe survey
      • Determine body temperature
      • Determine blood pressure
      • Determine heart rate
      • Recognize signs and symptoms
Treat and Protect Wounds  Be able to:
      • Disinfect minor wounds
      • Wound irrigation and/or cleansing
      • Splinting and limb immobilization
      • Dress and bandage wounds
      • Debride wounds
      • Close lacerations
      • Temporary dental fillings
Ongoing Care: Can you...
      • Relieve pain
      • Reduce swelling
      • Reduce fever
      • Relieve allergy symptoms
      • Stave off infection (antibiotics)
      • Blister treatment
      • Shock prevention
      • Dehydration prevention
      • Muscle relaxer
Miscellaneous ... Do you have on hand:
      • Ice & heat packs (that don't require power)
      • 30 days of life saving prescription medications
      • 30 days of OTC and “maintenance” medications
      • List of patient info for each person on their person & in Family NB
Extended Capabilities: Need to perform the above for at least 90 days, plus the following additional capabilities:
      • IV supplies to start one IV per person covered (including extras for missed sticks). 3 liters of solution per person
      • Knowledge of blood types of all persons covered.
      • Working Knowledge of Herbal Medicine
      • Dental care
      • Additional 90 days of life-saving prescription medications
      • Additional 90 days of non-critical and “maintenance” medications
      • Take Advanced First Aid Courses, and yearly re-qualifiers
Unless the whole world goes sideways...
For everyone's safety DO NOT perform
medical treatment that you are not trained for


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