Friday, March 23, 2012

Medicinal Herb Garden ~ A Real Solution

I often am asked about where to start with herbs or veggies.... and who to purchase what from.  As you know from my numerous posts I am a solution person.  I don't dwell on gear or gadgets but try and provide useful information that you can use TODAY. I wanted to be able to say go buy XYZ ~ from ABC for this excellent price.  However, the more I looked the solutions out there are way overpriced. Yes I said overpriced.  Seed Vaults... Really?  Most of those are alot of airspace!

So after much soul searching I have partnered with an heirloom organic supplier to provide an herb garden at a really affordable price.  These are the seeds I am using in our gardens.  These are the seeds you can count on.  For $29.00 you can plant these 18 Medicinal Herbs.  I am not a doctor, I encourage you to get a good book on herbal medicinal remedies you will find these herbs are an excellent basis for healing.

The real deal ~ Medicinal Herb Garden, (18 seed packets), organic: A set of herb seeds that would embody the foundation for a diverse medicinal garden that would contribute to every aspect of health and well-being, and making this set of seeds available to people at a very low cost, so that more would find it possible to buy them and realize the benefits.. 100% USDA certified organic seeds from our garden to yours.  There are 18 packets in all, packed in earth-friendly recycled paper .
  1. Astragalus,
  2. Holy Basil (Kapoor Tulsi),
  3. Gobo Burdock,
  4. Mixed Calendula,
  5. German Chamomile,
  6. Echinacea purpurea,
  7. Elecampane,
  8. Evening Primrose,
  9. Brown Flax,
  10. Lemon Balm,
  11. Marshmallow,
  12. Official Motherwort,
  13. Stinging Nettles,
  14. Cayenne Pepper,
  15. Garden Sage,
  16. Official Valerian,
  17. Wood Betony
  18. Yarrow
Available to you for $29.00 plus $5.55 shipping total cost $34.55
This is barely over our cost. And, you don’t have to choose.   Check other sites, Check with other preppers ~ this is really the greatest BANG for your buck.  If you're interested, I accept paypal and some web genius will be setting up my site so you can click and order but if you want them now you can email me: prepperswife (at) GMail (dot) com that is also the email for paypal payments.


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