Thursday, March 22, 2012

Start today ~ Step up your game

Start today.
Start small. Go big,
Whatever you do ~ Do SOMETHING to prepare 
Easiest: Store water 3 gal per person per day remember to stockpile water for your pets (even goldfish need fresh water)  Preps for free? Maybe.  Look around your house what do you already have? Make a list of your everyday items and how they can pull double duty in an emergency List what else you could use items for, and where in your house that item is...  If it lives in the junk drawer ~ dump the junk make it a prep drawer a place where you can stash stuff you might need in a hurry in an emergency..

Already prepping?  Step up your game today... what have you been putting off?  Make a list of a few things you can do and get done this weekend.  Use today to plan, and this weekend to act on your list.  Hardcore preppers ~ where are you?  Time to evaluate your prepping goals and move forward.  Do you have all your bases covered? There's always something you can be doing, but don't forget to make time for life.  You can be prepared for your world to go sideways and still have fun.    Knowledge is power ~ reading this post give yourself some credit that counts as prepping research in my book.

March Madness ~ We're checking in on getting checkups so we know where everyone is physically.  This is living and prepping. What have I been putting off?  PLANTING.  So today we're planting all our seedlings and starting our medicinal herb garden.  On a Thursday... this is living AND prepping.... Our kids are involved too, they love playing in the dirt.

What are you doing to be more prepared in case your whole world goes sideways?


michelep said...

I have a very, and I mean very small backyard. What would you suggest for a medicinal herb garden?

The Preppers Wife said...

That is an excellent question, and small backyards are perfect spots for herb gardens, you would be surprised at how much you can grow even on an apartment or condo patio! Check out todays posting ~ I have 2 different solutions for you :)

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