Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prep Today?

What did you do TODAY to prep?  Anything? Buy a small bag of beans?  an extra can of soup? Are you a small scale prepper?  Maybe a large scale prepper? Something as small as keeping the dishes done and the laundry clean counts a bit towards prepping.Why? Can you imagine if you had five loads of laundry and a stack of dishes to do but no power? So in that sense yes housework is prepping; keep your house in order.

For September I issue this challenge to you: Do something however small to prep everyday this month. Everyday along with a regular message I will update what we did that day to prep. 

Here's a recap so far on what I've done.  Keep in mind I also do research daily.

  • 1st  Saturday Placed Pre-order for 400 Zone Bars Pick up Tuesday cost: near free; Hubby ("THE" Prepper) attended HAM festival and purchased additional communication equipment
  • 2nd Sunday Placed Pre-order for 100 Bic FlameDisks (free via coupon) Pick up Thursday
  • 3rd Monday Updated and reorganized BLOG; started annual inventory of supplies
  • 4th Tuesday Picked up Zone Bars, clipped Coupons from 8-26, made list of items to watch for sale, checked coupon website to track which stores would give me biggest bang for our buck, placed an order for interesting books and a few "items"
  • 5th Today placed order 25 pounds of honey powder and new pool cover, special ordered 100 packs of Yakisoba to donate to food bank sourced location for pallets for fencing

You are not in the journey alone.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your powdered honey from?? Thank you for this wonderful post. As always, I read your post multiple times and learn so much. Thank you for giving us the gift of your knowledge and time for making this such an informative blog.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to use coupons this way, but end up spending more to save little. In our area, we only have a Walmart Supercenter and a Brookshire Brothers grocery store. I can't seem to save anything on stuff to actually stock up on. Do you have teachings on your blog about how to do that?

The Preppers Wife said...

Thank you for your kind words. Powdered honey can be purchased at Costco's website.

The Preppers Wife said...

Please click on link in margin for We Use Coupons.
This is is where I learned to coupon, and I do quite well at Walmart.

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