Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hot Food is Important

Here's three ways you may NOT have thought about cooking, but could be interesting. We have an alternative to charcoal, DIY stump oven, and DIY solar oven.  Hot food during a crisis is important.  It gives us comfort and soothes rattled nerves and is all around good for family morale.

Bic FlameDisk
Bic has introduced a new product it's called the FlameDisk.  The major flaw with this product is its fuel. according to the product's website  "FlameDisk uses ethanol as the main fuel ingredient. Our ethanol comes from corn, a renewable resource. "  Yeppers there's a hitch in that plan with an 80% failure in this year's corn crop.  This product may end up to be hard to find.   It does look interesting, and is extremely easy to use.  Seems it would be an excellent item to have in your preps for emergency cooking.  Here it is in the bottom of a Weber grill.  I think based on the shape it's perfect for kettle type grills such as Weber. the cook time is expected to be 35 to 45 mins.  We have stocked some of these because its easier than stocking charcoal for the grill, and we can barter them.

Items Required: Grill, Lighter, Bic FlameDisk

Here's the link to Bic's site:  FlameDisk

DIY Tree Stump Grill
This just looks like FUN.  If you're cleaning debris from a storm and your chainsaw is handy give this a try.

Items required: Log, Chainsaw, newspaper

  1. Cut the log evenly on both sides so it stands up freely. Then cut it into vertical segments most of the way down the length of the log.
  2. Stuff in some newspaper into the cracks as deep as you can get it, leaving a wick at the bottom, and light it up.
  3. That's all there is to it—the log burns from the inside out, and you have a simple, handmade stove....

DIY Solar Ovens:

You don’t need four burners and a gas line to make some great-tasting trail food. All you need is plenty of sunlight. Make your own solar oven and feed the whole group. Solar ovens work by bouncing sunlight off a reflective surface into a pot. The hotter the pot, the faster your food will cook. It’s easy to make—and cheap.  
You can make your own! Lots of plans online, and Boy Scouts everywhere have done this as a camping project, with that said there are many Solar Ovens you can buy.  They can be pricey, and the sun has to be shining.  Also it takes a long time to cook in a solar oven.  There are many more designs online, but this one will get you started. Here is an example of a Boy Scout solar oven:
  • A pizza box
  • Black construction paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic window covering
  • Permanent marker
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • String
step-1.jpg STEP 1: Line the inside bottom of the box with foil.
step-23.jpg  STEP 2: Cover foil with black paper and tape in place.
STEP 3: Set the plastic under the box and trace the outline of the box.
step-4.jpg  STEP 4:Remove the box and draw another outline 1⁄4-inch inside the first outline and cut along inside line.
step-56.jpg  STEP 5: Close the box cover, and draw another line 1 inch from each side.
STEP 6: Cut along the lines on the front and sides—not the back.
step-78910.jpg  STEP 7: Open the cover and line the inside with foil.
STEP 8: Glue foil in place.

STEP 9: Cover foil with the cut plastic and tape in place.

STEP 10: All layers should be airtight and wrinkle-free.
step-1112.jpg  STEP 11: On the outside of the box cover, attach a string long enough to keep the flap open and let the sun shine in.
STEP 12: Once you have the oven, all you need is the sun. Choose a spot that will get at least several hours of direct sun away from any strong wind.

Solar cooking takes a little practice. Try this recipe first:
Solar Oven S’mores  Ingredients:
  • Graham crackers
  • Milk chocolate bars
  • Marshmallows
Place graham crackers next to each other on the bottom of a black cast-iron pot. Black pots are best because they absorb and retain the sun’s heat better than light-colored pans. Top each cracker with a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow. Put a glass lid over the pot and place the pot in the center of your solar oven. When the marshmallow is gooey, take out the crackers and add the second layer of graham crackers on top to complete it.
What did you do today to Prep?   Today We placed a bulk order for 400 items.  Retail was $910 when we applied our coupons we saved 95% our out of pocket will be $50 plus tax.  Pick up is Saturday. Prepping for less is important.  We didn't have $910 for these items but we did have the $50  If you don't use coupons you should seriously consider it.
Note:  Happy Birthday Dad. We love you.


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