Friday, October 12, 2012

FRIDAY's Stockpile for CHEAP

Why would anyone want to stockpile for less?  Well if you have time to prep and do all the prepping research then you have time to save money on the things you buy.  We don't pay full price and neither should you!

Let's look at it this way ~ what is the number one problem with stocking up on water water water....  I don't care how good your water is you or your family will get tired of just water.  That's called water fatigue.   And I imagine that's why someone picked leaves to put in the water and made TEA.....

What if I told you that you could order HUNDREDS of packets of koolaid for roughly $5

Kool Aid is having a National Catalina (Coupon that prints when you buy a featured item)  this month at KMart if you buy 21 envelopes of Koolaid for 10 cents it will print a $2 off your next purchase coupon.
you can use that on your next purchase of Koolaid, so you buy 21 MORE for 10 cents each ($2.10) minus the $2 coupon and you just got 20 envelopes free! Guess what, it will print ANOTHER COUPON for $2 off, so you keep "rolling" until you have bought as much Koolaid as you want to stock up on...$5.10 plus tax would get you 651 packets of Koolaid....  that's 31 transactions.... so be prepared to hang out at Kmart for a while. It's worth it to prep for less!   Want to learn more?  Click on the We Use Coupons button for more info.


Roxy said...

For those who get 'water fatigue', which by the way is something I have never heard of (I'm sure people in poor countries would be happy to have potable water to drink and would never get tired of it), I advise them to read the ingredients list on Kool Aid packets. I bet they don't even know what those chemicals are. Enjoy!

The Preppers Wife said...

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. This post was about cheap preps not nutrition. Have an excellent day.

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