Thursday, October 2, 2014

What You REALLY Need to Know About the Qur'an

William Federer recently spoke on his book What every American needs to know about the Qur'an and as a Christian American it answered many outstanding questions I had on is Islam a valid religion? Should Muslims be afforded the same religious freedoms as others?  If Islam was just a religion then maybe however that's the sticky part.  Islam IS NOT just a religion. The totality of Islam is three pronged and while it does in fact include a religion, it also is a POLITICAL and MILITARY regime. This is different from all other religions practicing in America.

I'm not a historian, nor do I have a degree in religious theory so I would like to refer you to the following video.  Please take a few minutes from your busy schedule to review - it's fast paced and informative,  I found this this both enlightening and scary.

What every American needs to know about the Qur'an. <~Link
Video is hosted on C-Span and is presented by author William Federer

Free pdf copy of
William Federer's Book:  CLICK HERE


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