Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Canning more than veggies ~ start now!

If you'd like to learn how to can and "put up" your own food here's an idea. Start canning NOW. Yes, in the off season. What would you can you ask? Meat!  We buy lots of canned tuna and have lots of cans in my inventory. Why? Because we don't live where we can fish for tuna! In the past I have bought canned chicken, and its expensive... but really quick to add to meals because it's precooked. I really like bacon. I mean I REALLY like bacon, but never seem to have the time to fry it up for salads etc.. there have been many times I wished I'd had some precooked and ready to go...Does this sound like you too? Did you know you can "can" bacon, chicken, beef, deer, whatever. Meat is the single easiest thing to can at home!  Why? Because there's NO PRECOOKING INVOLVED. You process/can meat in a PRESSURE canner, the meat is cooked during the process! Just pack jars with raw meat process/can per your pressure canners directions. You don't have the stress of canning an entire garden harvest, start with 10 pounds of chicken....AND you don't take up freezer space! Which when the power goes out you won't have to stress over losing your protein stockpile!
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Pint jars hold one pound of meat
Quart jars hold two pounds of meat


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