Friday, January 6, 2012

Cheap Preps a Friday Review

Today we  focus on the much over looked resource of your neighborhood "dollar store".   Ours is the national chain Dollar Tree.  We have sourced many items from Dollar Tree.  Did you know you can order case quantities and pay online, then pick up at your local store?  It is an awesome way to get preps with very little hassle and NO SHIPPING charges!  We bought these candles in case quantity and they were a mere $1 each. A bargain after we tested them.  The product description states at least an 80 hour burn time.  80 hours? That's more than 3 straight days!  Not wanting to leave our preps to chance we put it to the test. We were pleasantly surprised by the results and feel this was a wise investment.

Check it out at  lots of interesting stuff!


deb said...

Did the wick not blacken the glass of the candle? That is the problem I have with most glass candles. Otherwise, it sounds like a great deal!

The Preppers Wife said...

Nope, the glass did not darken. Above is the actual photo right after blowing the candle out. As you can see, I blew a little hard and there was a waxy splash on the inside of the glass....HTH

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that post! I just discovered your blog via your link on we use coupons.... I"ll be busy reading :-)

Have you noticed the $.88 pharmacy items at Walmart? Lots of great Prepping items! 100 bandaids, cortisone cream, cough medicine nasal spray are a few of the best ones I've noticed.

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