Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once Upon a time...

Once upon a time we walked through life asleep, 
unaware of all the ills in the world. 
Unaware of how food really made its way to our table.  
Subtle things happened around us in our universe and we slowly began waking up to reality. 

The environment became popular to pay attention to, it became trendy to be green, suddenly you weren't weird if you had a full pantry and home schooled your kids.

Regular people began to become conscious of what really going on in the world.

Our food supply, how things get to the table, what's in it once its there...
Unemployment sky rocketing
less money
rising gas prices
rising food costs
Be Prepared. Really prepared.

For what?

If it rained to day could you stay dry? Warm? Fed?
If it rained for a week could you stay dry? Warm? Fed?
And if it then flooded and washed out your only bridge to town? 

Now its not just you.
Its you, your significant other, your children and your parents.

It's raining.
It's been raining for a while...
Have you noticed?
Those with blinders look out and say The Prepper's Wife is nuts...
the sun is shining bright...
Is it? Really?
Nope its raining and its been raining....

And now I must ask are you prepared for the flood?
Were we prepared for 9/11?
Was New Orleans prepared for Katrina?
Was Japan prepared for a 8.2 Earthquake and subsequent tsunamis and aftershocks?

So I ask again...
It's raining...

Will you stay dry?
with an umbrella?
rain coat?

Do you have a boat?
It's going to flood.
Are you practically prepared...

Some folks will stay dry, others will get wet, unfortunately some will drown.

By the way, if you think we're talking about just the weather...then this really isn't the blog for you.

The sun will shine again.
We will band together and create a better community
one where we teach each other how to prepared.
How to have full pantries,
and more
and yes to have an umbrella for a rainy for the floods

We will live happily ever after..
Will you?


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