Friday, June 24, 2011

Preppers from all over the SouthEast met in Clyde NC Last weekend

Many of you expressed a great desire to know the details of the conference.  I have excellent news for you!  Here are the links to the "public".  Obviously not every minute of the conference will be available ~ but here is something to sink your teeth into:

Forstchen Part 1
Forstchen Part 2

Forstchen Part 3:

Forstchen Q&A #1

Forstchen Q&A #2

Forstchen, 14Days after

Water Part 1

Water Part 2

Food Prep 101 Part 1

Food Prep 101 Part 2

Food Prep 101 Part 3

Food Prep 101 Part 4



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks on including the Forstchen appearance. I think I could listen to him talk for hours about the book!

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