Monday, June 13, 2011

How much does a family need?

There are many sites out there that want to sell you stuff.  There are lots of prepared kits that you can buy both in emergency supply and foods.  The problem with ready made kits, they're expensive and they lack customization for your most precious asset ~ your family. How much we use maybe way more, or way less than you.

"But the experts say ...."  If I had a dollar for how many times folks say that I'd have alot of extra cash!
 Best kept secret in the prepper's world: ~ YOU ARE THE EXPERT ~  for real.  you know your family better than anyone.
Little Johnny won't eat peas, Suzie is allergic to corn.  A family of 2 needs less than a family of 10.

Its all about the math.

Step 1 - Decide now: How many folks are you prepping for?

Step 2 - Decide now: How long of a supply of food, non food, health & beauty aids do you want ?
     EXAMPLE: we would like to have 5 yr supply of all non perishables, 3 years of canned food, 2-3 yrs of pet food

Step 3 - You need to know how much you use.
     Make a list of all the foods your family eats on a regular basis.
     Make a list of ingredients for recipes your family really enjoys.
     How many rolls of toilet paper does your family use in a week?
     Do you have pets? How much do they eat a week, a month?
     How many times a week do have spaghetti?

Here's an example for toilet paper:

Now if the world goes sideways - I need to provide for my 5 kids, me, my husband, my parents, and possibly one other (see here I rounded up so I'd get 10)

10peeps x 1 roll/week x 52 weeks in a year = 520 rolls/yr x 5yrs = 2600 single rolls divided by 2 (because i only buy double or mega rolls) is 1300 rolls to stockpile

so that equation is:
# of people x 1 roll/week x 52 wk/yr = # single rolls needed to stock for ONE YEAR ( remember to divide this by 2 if you buy double or mega rolls)
Amt you use per month X 12 months = how much per year used
Per year amt X yrs of stock desired = total to buy to stockpile

Now you have the basic equation to use for anything you want to stockpile!
I know I know - you say - "But PW  what about stuff I measure by the month?"

Easy Peasy:
How many bottles of shampoo? Well, That depends after all your mileage may vary...
But for our family we use 2 bottles shampoo and 3 bottles of conditioner per month I have a hard time (very hard time) not matching my shampoos and conditioners ....  # bottles/month x 12 months = # of bottles per year x # of years you want to stockpile = total to buy to stockpile

Spaghetti Meals for 5 years:
Meat 2 lbs x 52 weeks = 104 lbs of meat (ONE YEAR SUPPLY FOR SPAGHETTI)
1 lg jar x 52 weeks x 5 yrs = 250 large jars of sauce for a 5 yr supply
1lbs a week X 52 weeks X 5 yrs = 250 pounds of pasta for a 5 year supply

Are you following the math? I hope so.

Now plan out breakfasts, lunches, dinners for 2 weeks for the number of folks you want to prep for.
Then calculate how much of the ingredients you need for each recipe
Then check you math really good, and extrapolate those numbers out for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years

I have to say if you have a ton money and you are itching to spend it I'll be happy to create a customized plan, and to shop it for you send me an email and we'll discuss consulting.


Shellie said...

Thank you very much for the information. This is very helpful and eases my mind a bit. One question though...I have four 1/2 year old twin daughter's and a two year old son. Any recommendations on what to prep food wise for them. They are picky eaters and it concerns me a bit!

Thank you and God Bless..

The Preppers Wife said...

Store only what you'll (and they) actually eat. Eat what you store to rotate your inventory and you'll have it covered!

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