Monday, August 8, 2011

One Goal

Today you focus on one goal.
Your world goes sideways now what? (Insert your plan here)

We have only one goal today.  Write a plan. One Plan.
We are answering all the pesky what ifs....

What if a hurricane/major storm hit?
What if an earthquake hit?
What if the power was out for a week, month, year?
What if there was a riot?
What if terrorists (or anything else) disabled our infrastructure?
What if there was a pandemic?
What if the grocery stores had no food?
What if  inflation rose to the point you couldn't afford gas? bread?
What if there was a zombie apocalypse? The CDC has a point, if you can survive a zombie apocalypse you can survive anything!

Today's goal ~ think about it what would you need or want to have to keep you and your family safe, secure, fed?

Today: One Plan

Tomorrow: One Week
Wednesday:  One Month
Thursday: One Year
Friday: Sustainability


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