Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Month & One Season Plan

Yesterday we discussed One Day & One Week Prepping ~ Today we discuss One Month & One Season at a time.

Once you have a solid week of water and food supplies, and you've figured out the finer details of power and cooking we need to expand these to 30 days, or rather one full month of water. breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for your entire family. 

One Season at a time...  There are some items you'd only use in a particular season, heaters etc...whatever season we're in plan for this season and the next.   now let's add in another consideration... clothing and SHOES I don't mean the cute stuff either.  I mean, gotta get stuff done clothes.  Solid footwear, may need to walk a mile or more shoes.  As adults, our sizes don't change as rapid as children, but keeping your feet dry and warm and blister free is important!   

You need to think about your kids.  Do you have the next size up of shoes? Clothes for the this season, and how about next year this same season? I find thrift stores and consignment sales are great for this.  You'll want the basics for each child: here's a rough guide if you are future buying but keep in mind, rompers and sundresses work well too! it all depends on the age of your child.

5-7 pairs of jeans (long pants)
5-7 long sleeve shirts
7 short sleeve shirts
7 pairs of shorts
1 bathing suit
14+ pairs of socks
14+ pairs of undies
1 pair boots (snow wear/ rain wear)
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of sandals
3 pairs of pj's summer
3 pairs of pj's winter
1 winter coat
1 jacket/midweight coat

Remember diapers, wipes, formula, creams etc...  little ones have lots of considerations!

Hopefully you can do hand-me downs, but maybe not.
It's easier as they get older they don't grow as fast!

Tomorrow: Rounding out ~ One Year Plan


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