Friday, August 12, 2011

Sustainability ~ What's that?

If the whole world goes sideways ~ are you good?
You're prepared.  You have a kit, a plan, a design?
You have achieved: One Week -  One Month - One Season - One Year's worth of preps

Now what? What's your next goal? How about SUSTAINABILITY? If something is sustainable ~ it is capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the surrounding environment: such as sustainable agriculture or a sustainable lifestyle.

Can you carry on? If the lights go out forever, or for over a year and your family uses up its preps then what will your family do?  What is your long term plan for your worst case scenario?
What would you do for food? water? other recurring needs/wants after you exhausted your preps?

What skills do you have?
Can you grow food?
Do you have seeds?
Do you know how to save seeds from what you grow?
Can you forage for herbs and food? (I'd get a good book with pictures)
Can you collect water, if so, can you render it safe?
Where would you collect water and in what?
Water sure is heavy how would you move full containers?
Cooking? Power? Heat?

Okay, take a deep breath. Here's the good news. If you've prepped for a year ~ it will be easy to scale into sustainability from there. We have expanded our preps to include 3 yrs on some items, 5 years on others and the skill sets to be sustainable. You have got to be able feed yourself, and your family as well as have the ability to defend yourselves.


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