Friday, August 5, 2011

Vac Sealer : Friday Review

I use two different Vac Sealers.  I have a Deni which is a good all around vacuum sealer.  And when we do alot of vac sealing we'll use both at the same time.  But MY FAVORITE is the  FoodSaver® Vac 550 this is an older model and you can find it on Amazon in the used market.  The number one difference with the Foodsaver is the accessory hose option.  I can now vac seal canning jars, food saver canisters, soda bottles (does not replace canning)

Product Description

Keep your food fresh and flavorful! FoodSaver Vac 550. SAVE BIG BUCKS buy one used or go up to the current model! Maintain the same freshness at home that you get with professionally vacuum-packaged items you purchase at the grocery store. Air gets in most other food storage containers and plastic bags even when they are sealed tightly. And, oxygen is one of the main reasons that food goes bad. It starts a chemical change, robbing food of its nutritional value, texture, color, flavor and overall quality. The FoodSaver Vac 550 removes air and then seals containers so that air cannot reenter. To start you off, the FoodSaver gives you 2 BONUS FoodSaver rolls! These FoodSaver rolls are made from a patented 3-ply plastic with special channels that remove the air. When you use sheets from the rolls with the Vac 550, the outer layer of nylon seals freshness in, while locking air and moisture out. These FoodSaver rolls and bags go straight from the freezer and refrigerator to the microwave or boiling water. They're also reusable, washable (even dishwasher-safe) and recyclable.
A must have accessory is the FoodSaver  Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

as well as the FoodSaver Regular-Mouth Jar Sealer
Product Details 

Accessory Hose by FoodSaver

Product Details

Any vacuum sealer can seal a bag, but using the accessory hose and the jar sealers ~ think of the possibilities.  Cake mixes, Powdered milk, home made mixes...soup mixes.  ANYTHING you dehydrate that's too delicate to vac seal in a bag. In my humble opinion if you have to add just one tool to your prepper's kitchen ~ it would be a Foodsaver vac sealer (any model) all of the items pictured above were purchased  under $65 from Amazon! Remember one is none ~ two is one.  Get a spare accessory hose JUST IN CASE.


Frances said...

While opting for old bag sealer might be a good idea, the thing is that there's no warranty on that particular item anymore so it might actually be good to try out a new one if the old model would fail to meet your expectations.

Ridge Annie said...

Hi! My name is Annie Ridge .I'm planning to buy FoodSaver Vac 550 but I have lack of the way to use it. Thanks for your helpful reviews very much!

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