Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Year Plan

So far this week we've discussed planning and goal setting for One Week, One Month, One Season, and now we're up to ONE YEAR.
You've thought about what it would take to feed you family. You're getting your water together, You're evaluating what you already have on hand, what you need to buy to have a week's worth of food.  You've thought about a month...a season, now let's plan for the entire year.

If you've read earlier posts I have discussed how to calculate how much food you need to prep for depending on your family size.  For picky eaters, remember we're storing what we actually eat so you'll already have those picky eaters (even if that's you) already planned for.  Store only what y'all will eat and eat what you store to keep your food inventory rotating.

You need to make sure you have an honest year worth of food on hand. That's 365 dinners, 365 lunches, 365 breakfasts, 365 snacks for each and every person in your family. WOW that sounds like alot. Because at first  blush that's daunting. If you'll review my postings in July you'll see the math on how to calculate storage by how many different entrees you actually eat/cook. What do I mean when I say an HONEST Year's  supply? Well funny thing about those emergency meals in bucket they are rationing one cup of cooked food per person per day when they calculate the servings.  When you do your own math, for food you really eat in portions your family really eats, you insure your family won't go hungry. You also need to be sure to have EVERYTHING it takes to make those meals on hand from the allspice to the Ziplocs! Remember you are the expert on your family. 

If the whole world goes sideways, and you are relying on your inventory stress is going to set in.  Please remember to stock multivitamins it will help balance your nutrition and manage stress.  Sleep is going to be important as well as compassion and patience  stock up on this too :) Keep calm and carry on.

I have had many folks ask me how much do we stock ~ what are our goals.
Well we have a large family. I will say this ~ our goals are longer than a year.
We have tiered goals 1, 3, and 5 year goals it depends on the item.

You can do this.
Do something today that makes you more prepared than yesterday.

~ You're not alone in this journey ~


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