Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Closing time ~ you don't have to go home but you can't stay here

Ok folks its time to learn to say NO.
Just say it out loud right now... NO!
That was pathetic. 
Say it again ~ LOUDER ~ NO!

Why? Because many of you have made the mistake of telling anyone who would listen that you're stockipiling food and such.  Maybe you thought you'd inspire others, maybe you wanted a pat on the back.  We both know what really happened. You heard "Well, I know where to come when it hits the fan" or maybe, "We can shack up at your place" Or maybe you didn't hear any of that, maybe you just made the target list because folks with guns who didn't prepare, now know you did.

OP SEC ~ Short for Operation Security
1.  Keep your mouth shut.
2. Teach your kids to keep their mouths shut.
3.  Say NO
4.  Don't Show ~ this isn't kindergarten folks, no more show and tell.

Here's you answer when folks say they're coming to you during a cataclysmic event: Short answer: NO.

Oh that wasn't enough? Too blunt?
Ok here's the polite, you don't want to offend someone answer:
I'm sorry I've only calculated enough for my family, and I won't let them go hungry. Family first.

Hmm not your style?
Try this one:  Why would you pick my driveway to die in?
Or this:  We also stockpiled LEAD.

Still to blunt? Just say no.
Silence is an implied yes.
NEVER leave them with the implied yes... it could come back to haunt you.


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