Thursday, October 6, 2011

You can't eat gold

Here is something you really need to decide for yourself. Lots of folks talk about having money tied up in gold.  I reckon if you've got lots of money sitting around and all your emergency preparations are met, it might be prudent to have some gold or silver. The only thing is if the whole world goes sideways... You and your children can't eat gold.

Yes I think investing is important. Yes I think having long term plans are important.We're investing in food, medical supplies etc...however our metal of choice isn't gold or silver.  It's lead. We can use lead to hunt and to safeguard our family. Do you have enough lead?  Today's focus on being prepared.  Take an inventory of your lead. Figure out if you have enough or if you need more make a plan to  fix that.

Oh and one more quick thing ~  Happy Birthday C ~ I love you


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