Monday, October 10, 2011

Stockpile with less money

My single favorite thing to do is stockpile for free.
What? Crazy? I know! It is completely possible to stockpile for free or near free. How? Well at first blush you may stop and say no way ~ you aren’t interested. But I’m telling you it’s worth a second look. I’m going to give this secret completely free.

Coupons. Yes I said coupons. Oh no I’m losing some of you, but at least hear me out first. My first free item was 300 pounds of Mueller’s Spaghetti. It was on sale at one of my favorite stores. I called ahead spoke to a manager preordered the pasta. We also prepaid which basically means we went in, manager rang us up, processed the coupons and we paid the food tax.

Normal price $1.50 per box $450
Store Discount: .50 per box ( $150)
Mueller 300 coupons $1 off (-$300)

So after subtracting the sale, and the coupons you’ll notice that makes my 300 pounds of pasta FREE. Our state charges tax on food, there was a $2.80 charge for tax can you beat free or near free? Didn’t think so!

Here’s another pasta equation: elbow pasta different store, We donated 1000 pounds of elbow macaroni pasta to charity and stockpiled 500 pounds for ourselves. Again, free. How? Coupons.

Toothpaste ~  We have a 5 yr supply. And yes it was free.
Snack bags ~ 80 boxes free
Soap ~ 75 bars  free
Welches 100% juice ~ 100 of the 64 oz (the shelf price was $500) after sale and coupon for only $100
Shampoo & Conditioner ~ near free $36 for 122 bottles more than a 5 yr supply And so much more....This is NOT a coupon blog. I’m not going to post all the great deals available and no not everything is free. You do have to pay for things. But I’ve been able to stockpile significant amounts of food for our family without breaking our budget…Not too bad huh? I’m meeting my stockpile goals with less money. You could be too!  I learned the art of couponing on a site called  Join me as a friend over there I'm really east to find since I'm still The Prepper's Wife.  If you’re interested go over to: or click the button in the margin of my blog.

Do me a favor tell ‘em The Prepper’s Wife sent you. I’d appreciate it. You can learn all you want to know about saving a little, or saving a lot. And if you think coupons just aren’t for you ~ I guess you’ve got money to throw away. In this economy we sure don't.

All the money I’m able to save by using coupons, I put towards other preps that don’t have coupons. You think about it. You can stockpile with less money.  We are.


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