Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street?

What do you think about Occupy Wall Street protesters?  Now they are protesting in major cities across the country. I've given this alot of thought and discussed it with likeminded folks and the way I see it...  It's just a distraction folks.

Now that's a bold statement, but let's look at it together what is really being accomplished by these protests all across the country? I've heard the arguments that the purpose is to raise awareness to the plight of the average American worker.  Really? I'm pretty sure everyone knows unemployment is under reported.  The only way it's measured is by folks still actually on unemployment.  Well there's lots of good folks that have fallen off the unemployment payment rolls.  Families are hurting financially.  I don't think we need to spend money we don't have to go somewhere where the chants and rants will just fall on deaf ears.

Now, does anyone remember London?  That was just a few weeks ago.  Started out peaceful enough right?  Then what happened?  Some ya-hoo got bored and amped up things from peaceful protest to riot.  Didn't take much.

Could that happen here? Maybe. 
Would that be BAD? YES.

Don't be distracted.
Keep moving forward on your practical prepping for any emergency.
Don't spend time and money on the distractions...

Have a goal.
Know your goal.
Share your goal.
Work your plan.
Just my 2 cents. 
Have a good weekend.


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